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Team Strengths

The individual Strengths of the team can be analyzed here:

1) Download the Top-34 Theme descriptions here.  Give your teammates a copy and ask them to identify their top strengths by reading the descriptions and marking the ones they most resonate with. They should do a second pass after the first and narrow the list to 5 (no more than 8). The full theme descriptions can be accessed here.

2) Document the strengths of your team on the Team Strength Grid

3) Use this to identify which Domain each member of your team falls into.  What does this mean to your team?

4) Complete the Getting to Know the Individual Needs of the Team worksheet and the Team Profile worksheet.

5) The following are activities you can do with your team, team team member would need their own copy. It focuses on using our strengths to improve partnerships and communication. The Your Partnerships worksheet is a great way to narrow in on the strengths of the partnerships you have (focus on the strength vs the weakness). The Love, Crazy, Envy worksheet is a fun way to focus on personal development - it can be a great tool for 1:1 conversations.  The Best of Us worksheet is ideal for the whole team when working together to discuss how they can all leverage their individual strengths.  The Strengths Discovery Discussion Guide is another great tool for 1:1 discussions with team members. Lastly take advantage of the ultimate coaching manager tool the Johari Window for Coaching Managers; to be used in 1:1 coaching discussions with team members.

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