Jennifer Maynard has been helping others with career transformations since 1998. This has come in many forms over the years including mentorship, coaching, management, recruiting, training and Human Resources. She is both classically trained with an MBA and un-traditionally trained in a variety of subjects such as coaching and entrepreneurship. In 2014 she started her FIRST entrepreneurial journey when she founded her Executive Coaching company Discovery Coaching. Today she she has four unique businesses and a full time staff.

Jennifer is passionate about travel, mentorship, entrepreneurship, event and wedding planning and spending time in the classroom with her preschool daughter Grace. She founded her newest business Greener Gig as she was passionate about providing lower cost career consulting services to those looking to make transformations without depleting their bank account on hiring a coach.

When Jennifer is not working she is spending time with her family, practicing yoga, travelling, enjoying nice wine and cheese or shooting bow and arrow with her husband.