What is Mentorship?


Mentorship is a great way to have the experience of working with a trained coach while also receiving advice on how to move forward with your goals. The advantage of working with a mentor is immediate support at a lower cost.

Why should you consider Mentorship?

This Program is for you if you're:

  1. Ready to work with a coach, but looking for a lower cost option.

  2. Seeking advice and clear direction on how to move forward with the challenges you have.

  3. Willing to document your goals and want a mentor to hold you accountable to the goals.

What to expect:

  1. Sessions are 30 minutes and occur at your set/selected time.

  2. You will take your own notes and fully drive the conversation.

  3. The mentor will show up, answer your questions, ask you applicable coaching questions and be there for support on your journey.

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Mentorship Program Options:


One session at a time.

Only need 30 minutes? Not sure you want the long-term commitment? That is okay, we will accommodate one-off mentorship sessions. They cost $30 and can be purchased each time you need a session with no commitment.


Monthly Mentorship

In our long term mentorship program not only do you get “more time for your money” but you get the longterm, lasting support you need. Enroll for a monthly program and you will receive three 30-minute sessions per month for $80. Cancel anytime.