Meet our Mentors

Our mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. All have been acting in a mentorship role in a Human Resources capacity for 10 or more years. Each bring something unique to the table. Interested in working with a specific mentor? Don’t hesitate to indicate that at the time you enroll!


Jennifer Maynard

Our Founder, has been mentoring since 1998. Jennifer enjoys working with clients that are looking to make BIG career changes; make the move to entrepreneurship or who are VERY stuck on how to move forward. She has been coaching leaders and executives for years and knows how to make impactful and lasting change. She enjoys helping her clients “figure it out” by pushing them in challenging ways to meet their goals.

If you’re ready for big changes, Mentor Jen is for you!


Crispin Shelly

Crispin comes most recently from a Direct of HR role at an IT company. She is passionate about digging in and creating process. She is analytical and enjoys walking through the steps with clients in a way that will get them where they need to go. She is a great listener and coach and thrives when true leadership shines. She is passionate about growing new leaders. When she isn’t mentoring you can find Crispin at here home in Oregon reading, knitting and cooking.

If you’re ready to see goals through, Mentor Crispin is for you!


Aislinn Ronaghan

Aislinn has been working in Human Resources for 15 years. She loves a good challenge! Aislinn enjoys dissecting a problem and figure out the root of what is really going on. She applies her years of experience and mentorship to offer actionable steps to solve the problem. When she isn’t solving other’s problems Aislinn enjoys spending time with her 1 and 3 year old. She also loves baking, traveling and photography.

If you have a challenging problem you need solved, Mentor Aislinn is for you!