18 Creative ways to Network

Networking is such a wonderful thing….

I love networking for: meeting new people, meeting potential clients, growing my business, making friends and getting out of my comfort zone. 

I tell people all the time about the crazy ways I get clients and meet people in general.  They always want to hear more of my crazy networking ideas, so here is a list of creative ways to network!

  1. Social Media (duh!)
  2. Facebook:  join groups, have conversations, meet people, reach out, comment on friend’s posts, private message, reconnect with older connections.
  3. LinkedIn: Send someone a note that has an interesting profile, job of interest to you, similar experience, or experience you desire – ask to have a virtual meet up for coffee.
  4. Mentor others – find someone to mentor
  5. Get a new mentor and/or coach
  6. Volunteer somewhere new
  7. Join a meetup – virtual or in person
  8. Go somewhere new, alone – see what happens
  9. Start a conversation with someone when you never would…
  10. Go to an event (something of interest) – arrive early, mingle
  11. Host your own event - even if virtual
  12. Host or start your own meetup
  13. Talk to a stranger at the library!
  14. Start a fundraiser to support a cause of interest – us online websites for this and invite supporters to connect with you
  15. Go to a conference, sit in a new seat after every session, met the people next to you, invite someone to lunch/dinner
  16. Invite someone to talk to you (like mentor) and just listen
  17. Ask open-ended questions (not just yes/no answers)
  18. Start a blog, website, youtube channel, etc

Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite way to network too!