How to find more time in your day

Raise your hand if you would like more time?! (did you raise your hand?)

I thought time-management would be a great subject to start the year off talking about. Let’s face it, we can all use more time. Time is the number one excuse people use for not achieving their goals and not going for their dreams.

So today we are going to talk about how to put more time back in your day (or make it feel that way at least).

I have two exercises to get you started that you can implement right away.

Exercise One:

  • Write down everything you do in a day. Walk around with a notepad and write down all your activities and how much time it took to complete them. The more detailed you get with this the better.
  • Keep this log for an entire week (note you can do it for just work or just home – or both – choose base on where you have time use issues).
  • After a week analyze the list. Circle all the activities that were value added and needed to be done. This might be driving to work, brushing my teeth, sleeping, cooking dinner, etc. How many hours did you spend? How much time was left? Are there things on this list you can delegate to someone else, or hire someone to do for you? These are the items that must occur – so if we can get help, let’s do it!
  • Review the rest of the items on your list. Were there large chunks of time spent on non-value added activities? Or was it lots of small amounts of time? How can you remove some of those activities from your list and replace them with new value-added activities?

This exercise is a good starting point. It often creates some ah-ha moments and allows for removal of a few non-value activities that you may not have realized you spent as much time on as you do.

Exercise Two:

Focus on finding the thing that is blocking you from moving forward or making progress. That trigger that holds you back. Let me clarify.

  • I start to feel crunched for time when I get overwhelmed.
  • I get overwhelmed when I have a lot going on.
  • I have a lot going on when I’m not effectively completing one task before moving onto the next.

And I could continue here – but you get the idea. I know for me personally one of my “triggers” is a messy house. If my home is messy I feel cluttered, tense and like I have weights on my shoulders. As soon as I clean it up I am able to see the forest through the trees again and move forward.

You may know your trigger already, or you may not.

Using the concept of the 5-whys can help you get there. Ask why do I not have enough time. Then why again, and again and so on.

Hope these exercises are helpful! Feel free to reach out anytime if you need support.

Don't let time-management be the thing holding you back from achieving your goals! If you would like some support with creating a plan to free up more time feel free to schedule a 30-minute coaching session here.