What are you grateful for?


What are you grateful for? How often do you really think about this and reflect on it? Thanksgiving isn't the only time of year we should be thankful and grateful.

I challenge you to start a gratitude practice. It's easy, like really, really easy! Every morning when you wake up spend 5 minutes journalling about what you are grateful for. It's that simple. By starting your day off thinking of the wonderful things you have going for you an intention is being set in your mind. You will start to see a shift in your thoughts, happiness level and possibly even in the way you tackle certain obstacles. Start your gratitude practice today. I do mine every morning at 5:30 while drinking my coffee before my daughter wakes up. When she wakes up I am already smiling, happy and feeling grateful and blessed. It's such a great way to greet her!

I provide gratitude journals to all my Leadership Circle participants as a gift. This is a hugely important part of the mindset practice needed to excel at your personal development.