How can I take personal development to the next level?


1) Read! You need to be reading, a lot. Open your mind to new ideas and concepts. Keep filling yourself up with new thoughts and ideas. Depending on what stage your at or your personal goals will vary what you read. I will share books in a later post.



-The news or news feeds

I know this may seem obvious but whatever you are doing, take it to the next level

2) Repeat... They say that you have to say something 7 times, 7 ways for it to sink in. This applies to what you are learning as well. I put repeat in here because I think it is commonly overlooked. Go back and read a book again with a new set of lenses. Anything you have already done or tried don't be afraid to go back and do it again. You will be surprised what different piece sinks in on the second try.

4) Ask others what they are doing. You would be surprised how unique everyone's personal development really is when you start to discuss the details. Ask others and try what they are doing.

5) Get a coach. A coach will always take you to the next level by asking thought provoking questions and challenging you to think differently. If you are passionate about growth and don't yet have a coach, you are behind! Ask others you know who their coach is, if its working for them, do research, try a free consultation. It may take a couple conversations to find the right coach of you, but they are out there and ready to help you!

6) Attend a conference, or free on-line Summit. Discovery Coaching is hosting a FREE on-line Women's Leadership Summit right now. There are a million others like this out there. Register for a free event and jut take advantage of the learning and the networking.

7) Better your goals. Write them better, get more specific, make them more challenging, add new ones. Push yourself to ensure you really did write the correct goals for you and that you are actually working toward them. Write down what is important to you in life – and compare it to your goals. If what you say are your values doesn't align with your plan/goals, you have a big problem...

8) Start looking at every situation as a learning opportunity. Open your eyes and again look on with a different lens. Introduce yourself to someone you wouldn't have before. Go left instead of right just because. Take a spinning class instead of yoga. Just start mixing it up and see where it leads you. We are creatures of habit and although there are many great advantages to habit, it can also pull us away from trying new things (AKA developing).

Which of these sparked a new idea for you?