How to avoid a "case of the Mondays"

We have ALL been there. A deep sigh late Sunday evening at the thought of what is to come tomorrow, MONDAY... Here are some tips to avoid a "case of the Mondays" and to possibly (maybe) start enjoying Monday!

1) Make a plan! Just take some time to write down what your Monday will look like, and focus on the AM. This should help you feel organized and not nervous or anxious to get a back to work.  Feel free to spread that plan into the week and be sure to include some physical fitness!

2) Make your favorite foods.  A really good breakfast is a great way to start a day, and while you're at it make your lunch awesome too.  That will start your week off GREAT.

3) Tell yourself it will be a GREAT Monday.  Smile, and be happy about the week ahead, dreading it will only make it worse.  Positive attitudes people!

4) Mediation/Yoga or Reflection: Add this to your Sunday evening routine so you give yourself time to unwind before the week starts a new.

5) Enjoy a relaxing peaceful evening/night on Sunday.  I find if I get stressed and do to much running around it just makes it worse.  Try to get all the chores done earlier in the week or day so that in the evening you can just enjoy your Sunday and let it gracefully merge into Monday.

6) Give yourself a free night.  Don't check email, phone, messages, etc related to work Sunday night.  You know they will be there waiting for you Monday, just give yourself a few hours of grace.

7) Change your perspective (I say this a lot). Is Monday really all that bad?  It shouldn't be!  Its the dawn of a new week, new challenges, new adventures... if you are miserable in your job we need to work on that!  Talk to a friend, family member, or hire a coach.