Ways to improve yourself

Sometimes we just want to be a slightly better version of our own self! Here are some ideas of things (big and small) that you can do to improve yourself.

1) Get a Coach!

2) Learn a new language

3) Do a puzzle

4) Start a new hobby

5) Build and inspiration board (pictures, colors, whatever!)

6) Do a craft you pinned on Pinterest, or 2, or 3...

7) Wake up early

8) Exercise

9) Journal nightly

10) Set a daily/weekly routine

11) Write a letter to a friend

12) Get out of your comfort zone

13) Stay away from negative people

14) Make a new friend

15) Avoid TV for a week

16) Read a book

17) Mentor a youth

18) Volunteer for something that inspires yourself

19) Do a random act of kindness

20) Write a 10 year plan

21) Read a current news article daily

22) Quit a bad habit

23) Do your daily affirmations

24) Ask for feedback

25) Build a to-do list, Do your to-do list

26) Don't text for a week, call the person

27) Learn chess

28) Meditate

29) Reflect

30) Do Yoga

31) Join Toastmasters

32) Take a break for yourself

33) Teach someone something you know well

34) Commit to yourself

35) Get a Coach!