If you change nothing, nothing will change...

You know the old saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Boy is that ever true. The sad part is this happens daily in each and every one of our lives.

Situation: I want to loose weight, work out and get healthy.

Actions I take: I go to the gym and cook some healthy meals, but with some time I am an not seeing results, I cut back, then I will start again on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, etc...

Why do we fail? Here are some basic things to thing about.

1) Are you setting the RIGHT goal?

Go back through my goal setting posts and values exercises and ensure you have the right goal set.

2) If you change nothing, nothing will change...

Are you just adding some exercise and carrots into your normal routine? If so, expect to fail. You need to change your lifestyle. Set a schedule that has time carved out for that workout. Go through your pantry and clean out the wrong foods (donate to the food bank, compost in your yard, etc). You really need to have a clean slate with actual change to succeed.

3) Keep the goals simple.

Not necessarily small, but simple. You need to be able to accomplish and achieve the goal before you can move onto the next simple goal. It's human nature to thrive on accomplishment, so set yourself up for many accomplishments along the way!

4) Get a COACH!

No matter what the goal a coach can help you. None of us are naturally experts at everything. We need some help along the way. It may be training or someone to listen and ask the tough questions along the way. The more support we have the more likely we are to achieve!  Contact me today to set up your coaching session!