Working toward the right goals

There are many things you can do to start working toward the right goals. As I mentioned in my goal setting post you really need to ensure you are identify the right goal to target specifically (#3 on the keys to goal setting). The best way to start moving in the right direction is to work on values identification. Knowing your true core values is a step in the right direction. Once your values are identified you take a look at how you are living your life and see if your actions are in line with your values or of they are competing. Competing actions and values will will only push you farther from what you want to accomplish. We will discuss this in detail in a later post.

There are a couple exercises I work with clients through the coaching process that I will share with you today.

1) Get out a piece of paper and spend 3 minutes writing down all the things that are important to you. These can be generic or specific, it's up to you. Some samples might be exercise, yoga, fishing, reading, faith, youth group leader, family, career, etc. Write as many things down that come to mind.

2) When the 3 minutes is up read through the list and circle the top 15 things that are the most important to you.

3) Spend a minute observing this list and group some of the like items, narrow the list down again to 8 key values. These should now be the 8 values that will make up your personal values wheel. Your values wheel will be reference many times in the future by me, and you will want a copy for yourself. I will share a copy of the wheel later.

Your values wheel will be something to continually consult through your goal setting, personal growth and development process. In a future post I will discuss how to fill in the values wheel and how it can be in important tool for your future.