Stress Relief Activities

Often my clients will say they are just too stressed to even work on goal setting or see the forest through the trees. With so many distractions it's hard to tune out all the “noise”. Work on reducing stress in a different way than you have in the past! Use a minimum of two different senses to reduce stress. Here are some examples to try!



  • Sit outside and enjoy the sounds around you, it is summer! Birds chirping, rain pouring, waves crashing, whatever those sounds of nature may bring

  • Listen to your favorite piece of music, or try a new one (calming and relaxing)

  • Listen to white noise (download an app!) or a sound machine with your eyes closed in a comfortable position


  • Read a good book, or re-read an old favorite

  • Watch your favorite movie, even it is a Christmas movie in July

  • Get your camera out and start taking pictures, become a photographer!

  • Paint or draw

  • Look back at old photo albums or a memory board and enjoy some good memories


  • Diffuse a beautiful calming Young Living Essential Oil (My favorite!)

  • Burn a candle

  • Bake your favorite cookie or pastry

  • Go for a walk and smell the fresh air

  • Brew tea or coffee


  • Pet your favorite furry creature

  • Go for a walk, exercise!

  • Squeeze a stress ball or tennis ball

  • Play a musical Instrument

  • Get a massage, pedicure, manicure

  • Do Yoga or Pilates

Mouth or Taste:

  • Sing, laugh, talk to a friend

  • Chew gum, suck on a candy or lozenge

  • Practice deep breathing and/or meditation

  • Eat dark chocolate

  • Cook a new undiscovered meal

  • Do your daily affirmations