Too Blessed to be Stressed

We have started our adventure with the hiccup of no Internet. Its been down for over a week, which meant no posts! But wow, how can you be stressed when the sun is high, the jungle is lush, the monkeys are howling and the fruit is sweet?! You can't, I feel so blessed to be here and on the adventure with my family. A wonderful moment in our lives and I look forward to soaking in every minute of it.

Sorry for no posts, but I enjoyed every moment of my wifi free life! I have created some posts that will be scheduled to release in the even I loose the wifi again. So you wont have to go a week without at least a hello!

Here are the wonderful things I did this week with no wifi:

  • Lots of family play time

  • Yoga on the beach

  • Running

  • Family Walks

  • Watched Grace find her fist shells on the beach

  • Ate AMAZING food!

  • Grocery shopped

  • Watched Madagascar and Finding Nemo (husband's choice!)

  • Colored with Grace

  • Woke up to howler monkeys outside my window at 4:45 am

  • Watched amazing storms pass through

  • Ate great food

  • Loved every second of life...