Everything Comes to you...

Be patient. Everything comes to you in the right moment.

What a powerful message! I saw this on a sign in Charleston, my last day in town.  A great departure note that spoke to me personally as I planned to leave for Costa Rica the next day, but a wonderful message for all.  Everything does come to you in the right moment, but it wont just appear. No matter your beliefs; power of positive thinking, prayer or hard work (or all of the above) there must be some effort or attempt on your end. One of the most power tools available to us is goal setting.  There are many great (short!) books out there that will help you gain new perspective on goal setting. I have a few personal favorites I will review in some later posts.  I find the SIMPLE keys to good goal setting are the following.

1) Reflect! You must actually take the time to sit down and think about what you are truly trying to achieve and the life value this goal serves.  There are many GREAT tools I use regularly in coaching to help identify these values and true goals.  Its easy to say I want to loose weight, but is that really the right goal? Are you actually wanting a healthier lifestyle, to be fit, to give up sugar, etc.

2) Make the goals simple.  You must write your goals in a simple and achievable matter.  Make them measurable, realistic and attainable.  Small steps will move you in the right direction. when I wanted to start running I started with a goal of running for 1 minute on the treadmill, crazy short right... but I had that as a documented goal, so when I achieved it the satisfaction was great. I was able to progress and make the goal more challenging, but it was only slightly harder then the last, so always attainable.  Within 3 months I ran my first 5K!

3) Write the goal down. This may actually be one of the most important steps. What gets written down, gets done. Simple as that, and if you are anything like me the satisfaction of crossing something off a list will have you getting goal crazy!

I challenge you this week to walk through these 3 steps and see if you can come up with one new goal to work toward.  Spend the week working toward it (keep it simple!) and check back in with yourself Sunday.  I would love to hear how you all did next Monday.

My goal is to try 1 new food, crazy right! Well this serves my larger goals of experiencing Costa Rica, regaining my fitness and developing a deeper passion for new food and culture. (PS I had a banana, papaya, coconut smoothie for breakfast so I am moving in the right direction!)