More time please (even in paradise...)

It's 5:30 AM on Saturday. I am sitting at my kitchen table with an unfinished cup of coffee thinking of all the things I need to do for my business. Its so easy to get wrapped up in working, no matter where you are.  I am in Costa Rica, beautiful, relaxing, peaceful Costa Rica and still feel the pressures of business. I am thankful we took the courages steps we did to be here, but still wishing for the gift of time in one way or another. Today's wish, that my daughter Grace would have slept just 30 more minutes so I could have gotten enough work done before her wake up to have the computer off all day, well and finish that cup of coffee.  But now I will likely feel like I accomplished nothing. Even in paradise we don't all have it all together.  There is still the pull to get work done, or not completely disconnect.  Oh well... off the computer goes, it will be there tomorrow.  At least I can still finish the coffee while on a family walk to the beach with monkeys singing in the background.  Truly blessed.  What has you feeling like you need more time?  Lets talk! Have a wonderful Saturday!